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Ear Piercing

The salon offers ear piercing services for people of all ages. We have been providing this service to our customers without make them feel the pain of piercing. Everything required is included – earrings, cleaning solution, and care instructions! Our earrings are always pre-packaged and pre-sterilized. Before piercing, your ears will be cleaned with a disinfectant. The piercing itself is done with a piercing gun which creates minimal discomfort for the customer. The professionals perform the ear piercing procedure using the safest method. Having this procedure done in our salon ensures the use of the safe technique. Read More

Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is the process by which a needle penetrates the nostril, nasal septum, or nasal bridge to create an opening for the placement of jewellery. This practice is performed for symbolic or beautification purposes. The professionals perform the nose piercing procedure using the safest method. Having this procedure done in our office ensures the use of the safe technique, the availability of sound advice, and the presence of a comfortable atmosphere for your child during this exciting event. Our medical grade nose pins are made from non-allergic materials. We have performed hundreds of nose piercing. Read More

One Ear

The ear piercing service is professional and hygienic and almost painless. We will carefully mark placement before inserting your first set of earrings. Proper care of your newly pierced ears, as well as take-home solution for maintenance, are all included with your visit. You will have your ears pierced in the comfort and privacy. You will not have people staring at you while the procedure. Many of our clients are aware of our high standards and professionalism; therefore they recommend us to people with the assurance that they will be completely 100% satisfied. The salon has highly skilled and certified ear piercing technicians. Read More