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French Manicure

Classic French manicure designs eschew vibrant polish for a clear or neutral coat with precisely painted white tips. This look has become one of the most requested nail designs in the world. The French Manicure at the salon consists of nails with a pink or nude colour and white tips. With a natural French Manicure, the professional begins by buffing and filing your nails. A wash of pink or nude colour is painted on your nails, and the tips are painted white to give them the classic French look. French Manicures last for weeks. The French manicure enhances a person's nail base with a shinier nudie-pink and then brightens their nail tips. Read More

Deluxe Pedicure

The Deluxe Pedicure at its finest! This includes a lower leg and foot exfoliation, nail & cuticle grooming, as well as a hydrating Shea Butter massage cream; a warm paraffin mask to help nourish the skin while soothing sore muscles and joints. One of our Specialty Services is the Deluxe Pedicure. It includes all of the benefits from the featured Spa Pedicure with the addition of leg exfoliation added in. This assists in removing old, dead, and dried skin from your legs. Then we apply callus remover for those who have very thick calluses. In addition we apply a foot mask on legs and wrap them with hot towels. Read More

Shape & Paint

The nails shaping focus on your hands not only with nail shaping but with cuticle work; finished off with a warm hot towel and hand lotion massage on your hands. Polish of your choice will be applied to nails. The professionals will remove all the existing polish from your hands. Clip your nails in preparation for the desired nail shape. Everyone’s cuticles, like snowflakes, are shaped differently. If your cuticles are round, go with a round nail shape. The manicurist will apply a base coat. They will then paint your nails and will let them dry to apply another coat of paint. The top portion of the nail will then finish with a top coat. Read More

Polish Change

The salon takes a pride of providing reliable services and creates lasting long relationship to the loyal clientele. The customers can easily choose preferential color among the great deal of best qualified products to make their nails beautiful. A polish change is something that almost all nail spots and spas offer. It is typically a mini manicure with very similar results to a full priced mani-pedi service. If a person wants to beat the heck out of their hands or have an event coming up with a specific color in mind this is the perfect option. Professionally painted fingernails sound transformative. Read More


Getting a pedicure is one of the best treatments for feet. A pedicure makes feet look cleaner and prettier, also keeps the nails trimmed and feet free. The cleansing action and moisturizing properties help to maintain baby feet, keeping feet look gorgeous all the time. The salon has upscale services with professional nail artists, trained nail technicians and careful procedure to bring the best experience and results. The feet become smoother, softer and healthier. Come to the salon for delighting the feet with one of the best pedicure services ever. The salon proudly serves the biggest amount of customers for pedicures. Read More

Paraffin Treatment

An intense and deeply soothing, revitalizing treatment; hands/feet are dipped in warm paraffin wax which is blended with pure Essential Oils and left to set on the skin. A paraffin treatment soothes chronic joint pain and relaxes stiff muscles, and improves blood flow to the treated area. Paraffin treatment is a form of deep heat therapy. Liquefied paraffin wax is very efficient at absorbing and retaining heat. To aid in skin softening, paraffin increases blood supply to the skin, while also opening pores and trapping moisture from underlying layers of skin. It actually opens pores and creates a waterproof layer over the skin. Read More

Nail Enhancements

Well groomed and polished nails boost self-confidence and make a person look more beautiful, stylish and professional. For people with brittle and thin nails, even if they get a manicure, the colour can be faded or peeled off; and the nails can be cracked easily. In this case, the nail enhancement services will be the right choice for them. All of the nail experts have the passion for getting customers nails to look best. Pick the favourite from the extensive nail enhancement menu and see the experts breathe a new life into the hands by stylizing nails. There are plenty of reasons to get nail enhancements. Read More

Nail Designing

Looking for the most beautiful nail design services, the salon is the only name people can rely on. Experts at the salon do everything to make the fingertips and toes shine. When it comes to a nail salon, no one can approach the level of skill and commitment of the salon’s professionals. Enjoy the latest nail design trends, whether custom or mix and match or classical. The nail experts deliver any nail art style using the best materials made at a reasonable price. Beautiful nails attract attention. So take care of nails and display them proudly. Nail designing is an awesome way of dressing up the nails. Read More


Manicure service is a notable aspect of the beauty industry. Under the care of nail experts, the hands look attractive with healthy and lovely nails. The salon delivers upscale services with professional nail artists, trained nail technicians, and meticulous procedure to breathe a new life into the hands. The nail experts apply three steps of cleaning tools during the manicure process: washing – cleaning with alcohol – sealing in sanitization pouch and keeping tools in UV light sterilizer while remaining in Barbicide solution. The salon also offers manicure services at reasonable prices. Professionals proudly serve countless customers. Read More

Gel Polish

Gel polish is the ultimate nail polish. Get 10-21 days of beautiful chip-free wear. It stays super shiny the whole time. Get all the benefits of gel polish with some nail art on top! Still guaranteed to last as long as a gel polish manicure. Use one of the popular designs or bring in a picture of what is needed. A very thin layer of hard gel to go under gel polish. Unlike an overlay, there is no shaping or building of the nail. It makes gel polish removal easier because the gel can be filed off rather than soaked off. The salon also offers hard gel overlay with gel polish or hard gel on top. Get the choice of gel colour on the top. Read More