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Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos, or mehndi, are created with a temporary dye paste made from the crushed leaves and twigs of the henna plant. The paste is applied to the skin, and when dried, the reddish-brown dye will last up to a month, depending on your skin, the location of the design, and how frequently the area is washed. Henna painting has become very popular as a form of temporary tattoo and is liked by a lot. The best aspect of henna is that it is totally natural, made from a plant whose leaves are first dried and then crushed to make a fine powder. Its colour will soon wash off and you can easily go for another design. Read More

Hand One Side (Simple Design)

Simple Mehndi Designs looks so beautiful. It has a subtle colour and a beautiful texture. Most importantly, very simple mehndi designs are easy to create. They don’t take much time and unlike other types of tattooing and skin colouring, these simple mehndi designs aren’t permanent in nature. Perfect for adults and kids alike, the simple mehndi design is easy to create. Floral patterns, dots, and paisley motifs stretch from back of the wrist to the tip of the index finger like floral strand. Each of the fingers is adorned with paisley designs and dots. Come to the salon for some beautiful mehndi designs for your hands. Read More

Hands & Half Arms One Side

Mehendi is used by almost everyone and everywhere. It has been used for centuries now. Earlier it was only used as a traditional art but nowadays it is used as traditional as well as fashion. It is also believed that mehendi bring good fortune in life. The mehndi artists are professionals who are trained and offer a huge variety of designs such as bridal mehndi, wedding mehndi, Arabic mehndi designs, foot mehndi, hand mehndi, etc. Mehndi artists at the salon are highly creative and unique. The experts take great pleasure in creating innovative and visually stunning mehndi designs for the clients. Read More


Henna/ Mehendi are the most liked service at our salon. The salon provides best Mehendi artist from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. We have highly recognized professional Mehendi artist. Our intricate Mehendi designs go beautifully on your hand and go best for your special events. We offer a huge variety of designs such as wedding mehendi, bridal mehendi, foot mehendi, hand mehendi, Arabic mehendi designs, etc. To ensure best services, all team members are provided professional training. We offer highly bespoke and personalized service to suit your needs and budgets. Our service is on highly appreciated for all occasions. Read More