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Gents Hair

Men Hair Highlights

One should get highlights if want to add visual texture to style. Think of the verb “highlight”, it means “to emphasize,” and that’s exactly what you’re aiming to achieve. The highlights may not be the same as another guy’s. It’s always done based on the hairline and the way that the hair naturally lies. So trust that our experts as they know what looks best. Emphasizing the texture and layers of your hair with small pieces of slightly lighter colour scattered throughout. Typically, the colourist will paint small clusters of hair, particularly around the hairline and very lightly back from there, on top of the head. Read More

Men Wash & Cut

At the salon, experts can advise on all different lengths and styles. Professionals at the salon can do all kind of haircuts that the customer is looking for. The cutting expert team will be able to offer a style to suit lifestyle and face shape. Unlike traditional scissors, which open the cuticle and leave the hair susceptible to environmental stress that can cause frizz and dryness, the heat from the hot scissors seals the end of the hair to trap in moisture and protect the hair from damage. All types of hair should be regularly trimmed to keep it looking its best. Short styles should be trimmed more frequently because growth is more noticeable. Read More

Men Full Head Colour

Men like the colour too. Whether it's maintaining their youthful tones or experimenting with crazy shades, guys are increasingly growing their presence at the colourist. There's no reason not to try it out and experiment with your look. It's not 'girly' to look your best, and colouring your hair can really do wonders for a guy. Getting colour isn't a weighty decision. It's an investment that takes time, effort, and attention. Salon's colour formulas are more moisturizing, and the colour can be customized in the salon. Professional products have more advanced technology that produces subtle variations in colour. Read More

Men Hair Cutting

The process of dry cutting allows the stylist, to see the shape of hair as he cuts it, allowing a much more definite look. Dry cutting benefits all types of hair. It is great for thick haired men who want to remove bulk from their hair. Also curly or wavy hair will benefit from dry cutting because the stylist is able to determine the natural way your hair falls when it is dry. Many men waltz into the barber shop, plop down into a seat and get their hair cut — dry. No shampoo, no conditioning treatment, no head massage. Dry cutting also causes less damage. Dry cutting also lets you see what your hair’s going to look like in the end. Read More