Let Hair and Skin Relish Celestial and Exquisite Care

Face Waxing

Nose Wax

Nose hair is a natural part of the human body that serves as a defence system. Nasal hair keeps harmful debris out of the body system and maintains moisture in the air we breathe. Blood vessels in the nose and face are extra dense. In the nose, they support hair growth. The salon uses a nasal wax product has been designed to remove only the hair inside the edge of the nostril. Results can last up to four weeks. This lasts longer because waxing doesn’t just cut the hair shorter. Instead, it removes the whole hair shaft from below the skin line. We will remove those irritating hairs and eliminate your need to tweeze. Read More

Upper Lips Waxing

The upper lip waxing service is to remove a strip of hair grown above your lips. Our salon offers good and affordable rates of upper lip waxing by professionals. In today’s century, it is common to remove upper lip hairs for aesthetic reasons. But doing upper lip waxing at home is not an option when you have no expertise in it, because it ends up having small pimples, irritation and sometimes even cold sores. We have bonafide waxing professionals who can help you to get smooth silky and flawless appearance. Our experts perform quick and as painless as possible upper lip waxing to remove unwanted hair. Read More

Sideburns Waxing

Our sideburn waxing service is the semi-permanent hair removal technique designed to smooth and remove all unwanted sideburn hairs from your skin. Normally eyebrow and sideburn waxing go hand in hand. You can choose to have your full face waxing with sideburn waxing. Sideburn Waxing gives a perfect appearance to your eyebrows and makes your face look precise and defined. Unlike threading, waxing removes the entire hair growth from each side of ears, which with consistent waxing, may take up to five to six weeks to grow back. Hair that has been waxed may look smooth and fine. Read More

Full Face Waxing

Getting your whole face waxed by our professionals can truly be a “treat yourself” moment. Most ladies find waxing quicker and easiest way to please themselves with the smooth and silky results than other expensive and temporary hair removal options like the laser, epilation, shaving, and hair removal creams. Waxing not only does hair removal, but also it is a physical exfoliation that removes dead skin cells, which means receiving skincare treatment and hair removal all in one. If you are tired of the hassle of shaving several times per week then Waxing is great for you. The more one does wax, the less hair grows back. Read More

Forehead Waxing

From eyebrow to the forehead, we remove every single and finest hair from your forehead and it is almost painless technique. Forehead waxing is done in one quick motion and feels less painful than threading. Forehead threading enhances the shape of your eyebrows and gives your face an oomph look. Our waxing service is designed to smooth and remove unwanted hair from the entire forehead. If you’re interested in adding in your eyebrows or sideburns, we can wax these areas as well. Waxes at our salon are superior from the product available on the market. Our products are effective, gentle, and easy to use. Read More