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Texturizers are mild versions of a chemical hair relaxer.

The Texturizers loosens the natural curl pattern of an individual’s hair without completely straightening it. Loosening the curl allows for more manipulation and in many cases, more manageability.

Texturizers are ideal for someone who wants to retain natural curls but with a softer, looser pattern.

Both men and women use Texturizers and the process is recommended for use on short to medium length hair.


A relaxer is used to completely remove the natural curl pattern from hair.

Relaxers are meant to give naturally curly, kinky hair a very straight, smooth, sleek look and does more straightening than Texturizers.

Skin Biology reports sodium hydroxide is a common ingredient in relaxers. This chemical alters the pH factor of hair to straighten it.


With both relaxers and Texturizers, maintenance is important to keep the hair healthy and maintain its style.

Since both options are chemical processes that weaken hair, make sure to moisturize it often to keep it strong, prevent breakage and control frizz.

Use curl-defining products to enhance the curly style that Texturizers provides, or apply straightening products to keep relaxed hair silky and straight.

How Do Texturizers Work?

  • Texturizers commonly use the chemical sodium hydroxide (lye).
  • Hair contains proteins referred to as keratin amino acids.
  • One of the major amino acids in keratin is cysteine.
  • Cysteine contains a disulfide bridge, which causes the hair to kink and this is what makes the hair curly.
  • Chemicals contained in Texturizers such as lye break the hydrogen bonds of the disulfide bridge, altering the physical structure of each strand and loosening the curl.

Benefits Of Chemical Texturizers.

Comb-able Texturizers: For very tight curl that is prone to breaking when it is comb. Texturizing is used to release the tight curl slightly to make it easier to comb.

Wearable Texturizer: For tight curly hair that grows out and up. Texturizing is used to release the tight curl allowing it to drop, reduce frizz and have a more uniform curl, with the help of styling products.

Style-able Texturizer: For any curl pattern tightly coiled or loose. The curl is considerably loosened to make styling it straight easier. Hair can also be air dried of a curly/wavy look. Good option for clients that style their hair straight and would like it to remain healthy.

Softening Texturizer: For Course Hair (curly or straight) to soften strong textures making it easier to style.