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Relaxer + Blowdry

A lot of women are dying to get their curly locks straightened for good. This, of course, is impossible but chemically straightening and getting a blow-wave is the next best thing, making your hair sleek and shiny for months.

The problem with this is many women are nervous about it because of possible hair damage, and rightly so. The chemicals used to straighten the hair can be very harsh and if not done correctly, could end up damaging your hair very badly.

At the salon, the experts understand one’s concerns and are dedicated to bringing you only the best quality in straightening products. We offer a superb relaxing treatment that is followed by a blow dry.

This powerful combination is magnificent and leaves the hair in beautiful, shiny condition with lasting straight effect. If your hair is very curly starting from the roots we recommend using both treatments.

The relaxers include a pre-relaxer treatment which protects the hair as well as a Bio complex a re-constructor and neutralising deep penetrating treatment that deposits protein into the hair shaft and returns the hair to its natural pH level. The active ingredients in our products are sandalwood and chamomile among others, to refresh and soothe.

Our relaxers followed by a blow dry are very popular. It is a ‘same-day’ treatment so you will be in and out in no time.