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Dry Hair Cutting

Many men waltz into the barber shop, plop down into a seat and get their hair cut — dry. No shampoo, no conditioning treatment, no head massage.

But women would never even consider getting their hair cut dry, right?

Wrong. There are actually women out there getting their hair cut before the shampoo, working with hairstylists who practice the art of dry hair cutting.

So why bother getting hair cut dry and missing out on anything if shampoo after, not before?

The dry hair cut followed by a wash and style is something everyone should try at least once.  For people who are nervous about haircuts, the dry hair cut is practically a God-send.

Perhaps people have hair that grows slowly, or have three metric tons of it. When cutting the hair dry, see the shape as it’s forming, so that one just gets a much more definite look, because it’s seen in action.

Cutting wavy, curly or coily hair when wet is actually a lot harder than cutting straight hair – this is simply because the beautician is unable to tell where the curls will fall once the hair is dry due to shrinkage. That’s why a dry haircut for curly hair is an absolute God-send.

If the client has straight hair, a dry haircut can allow for it to look as though there is more volume. The way hair curves or waves can be cut in specific ways to create an illusion.

Hairstylists can use these curve to find the areas that can be used to as advantage. Whether have kinks in hair or certain areas that have more waves, stylists can recognize those easily and create a haircut that works with hair

Thanks to this cutting technique, customer won’t have to spend hours in the salon. Skipping out on the wash, condition and blow-dry phase of a haircut means to be in and out of the hairdressers chair quicker.

Dry haircutting is also a way for experts to showcase their finest and highest quality work. It’s the difference between a custom tailored suit, and a suit offs the rack.” Put simply, its instant gratification in haircut form.

If the client is happy with the final product and don’t need any extra styling (such as curls or a blowout), and can also save some extra coins – bonus!