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Braids Plait Hairdressing

Looking for great plait hairstyles to take from work to the weekend? Well, look no further. The salon collated the best of the best plaits hairstyles for work, weekend and play, inspired by some very famous faces.

Because plaits do that can easily be tailored to suit individual style preferences, it’s not hard to see why plaits have grown in popularity.

The plait has evolved into a high end fashion hairstyle over the past few years thanks to numerous appearances on catwalk in recent years.

Plaits and braids have been one of summer’s most popular hairstyles, and its not too late to follow the trend. Still masses of celebrities with all sorts of plaits – from halo braids and intricate up-dos to fishtail plaits and simple front braids.

One can do so many styles with a braid incorporated into it, it’s not just another hair style, it’s a piece of art that is created in mind and brought to life.

The salon carries beads of every shape and size; from neutral to colorful. All of the clients have the option to choose braids with or without beads and the salon offers endless styles and patterns.

Braids and beads are very popular, fashionable and trendy promoting healthy hair growth at the same time. The best part is seeing the client happy and amazed, which makes it all worthwhile.

Hair braiding is an art, and the styles of braids range from box braids to micros and cornrows. While it takes great talent and skill to braid hair.

Some are easy to do, whilst others are trickier and more intricate. If can’t quite manage it at home, for a special occasion why not book an appointment with the hair up experts?