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Bleach Bath

Bleach bathing is another approach to the Bleaching process. It is a perfect step by step process that is not as strong, so it is not as damaging as the full strength Bleaching process. It is ideal to use to remove Colour, one shade at a time, or Lighten your Hair in a gentler process.

Bleach is an extremely useful tool for dyeing your hair as it’s the only product that can lighten hair substantially. In fact, if you’ve dyed your hair with a permanent dye, it’s practically the only way you can lighten it at all.

Sometimes full bleach process is not needed to perform however, and this is where a bleach bath becomes useful. The bleach bath at the salon is formulated in a slightly different way to make it a more gentle way to use bleach.

Normally when you bleach is applied on hair, the bleach powder is mixed with peroxide and applied as directed to dry hair. This is an effective way to lighten hair, but it can be overkill in some circumstances where you don’t need a lot of lightening or you’re dealing with fragile hair. A bleach bath or bleach wash is a milder alternative to this process.

Bleach baths differ from a regular bleach process in a couple of ways and experts at the salon have their own method for performing one. The main differences arise from the fact that shampoo is added to the bleach mixture, it is applied to wet hair, and it is generally mixed up with a lower volume of peroxide.

These qualities lead to a more dilute preparation of bleach that is far gentler on your hair. On top of this, applying the preparation to wet hair means that it is much quicker to apply it to the whole head and the results are very even all over.

Bleach baths are handy for a few reasons due to their milder lightening action and ease of application.

  • Stripping out hair dye
  • Correcting over-toned hair
  • Lightening hair one level
  • Lightening fragile hair

Of course, bleach baths can also be used to lighten hair in the same way as regular bleach. When used in this way, they provide you with a much gentler bleaching action and cause less damage to fragile hair. Come to the salon for a bleach bath if  you have fragile hair or want to lighten it a little.