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Afro-Caribbean Hair

African-Caribbean hair is the most vulnerable to damage of all hair textures due to its unique structure and specific processing, styling and grooming needs. African-Caribbean hair requires special care and use of specifically-formulated products in order to look, feel and be at its best. Salon’s secret to success is the provision of excellent customer care and keeping the client with the latest hair treatment available.

The hair shaft of African-Caribbean hair is flat with a twisted structure and a thin diameter. Where these ‘twists’ occur, there is a change in the width of the hair (think of what happens when bend or twist a straw).

These twists and curls are weak points along the hair, and this is one of the reasons why African-Caribbean hair breaks so easily.

Because African-Caribbean hair is curly, it also tangles easily. Trying to detangle it can worsen hair breakage if one is not careful and pulling may also lead to traction loss, so be as gentle as possible. Start at the ends and work up to roots with a wide-tooth comb. Afro-Caribbean hair is the only type of hair which needs specialist care as it is the most fragile.

Adding Shine to African-Caribbean Hair

Ever noticed that light reflects better from flat surfaces than it does from uneven surfaces? Well, this also applies to hair and means that curly hair doesn’t reflect light as easily as straight hair, and is naturally not as shiny. To give the hair added shine, such products are use that condition, smooth and encourage light reflection.

Get an exciting new look and discover a new self with the salon’s Afro Caribbean hair dressing in town. With many different styles to choose from, individuals are delighted to give the hair the lift it needs to look good all year round.

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